Sunday, May 3, 2009

Since U Been Gone

I've been off the map for a while, as I've been relocating to the Savin Hill area of Dorchester area of Boston. Sorry to keep you all holding your breath.

More to follow soon, once I remove my life from boxes and hopefully throw away about a third of it, but as I sit here, I'm watching the DVD extras to the Live Forever Britpop documentary, and Jon Savage, one of my very favorite rock writers, is expounding on the great Oasis/Blur competition. He sounds like he knows what he's talking about, but he's also coming off as an insufferable snob, which I find odd for a man who has been one of the finest chroniclers of the ultimate form of punk - the raw, everyman's rock form. Is it really so strange that he seems a bit like an overeducated snoot? Perhaps this is merely a bad moment for him, but I thought that he would certainly have a little more of a down-to-earth character. He doesn't seem like a bad person, nor a poor interview, just a bit highfalutin.

More on things later.

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