Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Like A Virgin (?)

"When I was a weird, lonely teenager, The Modern Lovers painted a perfect picture of an imperfect young adult world. I could see exactly what he was talking about and it resonated with my teenage sensibility. Now that I've moved to Boston, and soaked up the vibe of the city (so important to Richman's senisbility), it cast those songs in a re-lit (not new) light... bringing the two together strenghtened the magic (like the rocks in 'Temple Of Doom') that the album makes in my head, refreshing it, but it's so good because it still sounds exactly the same, in exactly the same way. Now that I'm in Boston, I hear it the same way I used to, but just like before I had all this baggage. So it has the weird effect of making me walk around in the exact same mood I would get in when I was fifteen. Weird."

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