Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Wait... doesn't 'What's The Story, 'Morning Glory'' really just translate to..."

"...'what's up, Boner'?"

Never mind.


I've got a math equation for you.


...plus THIS...

...multiplied by THIS...

... equals a whole MESS of fun.

Not much writing happening here recently, on account of all the writing I've been doing elsewhere. But I'm trying to make sure to practice more. Hell, once there's enough worth recording, I'll do that, and then maybe post it here too. Who knows? This is principally a "thoughts on popular culture" blog. But who cares? I'm my blog, and I'll do as I damn well please!

Anyway, I took these for other purposes, but thought I'd pass the love along, so that you, Dear Readers, can see the softer side of your humble narrator. And now here's a picture of a cat. Because that's what The Internet has done to me.

Back soon with more rantin' and ravin'.

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