Thursday, September 20, 2012

Almost Dead In The Water

I'd apologize for being gone so long, but would anybody notice?  Maybe if I put more porn on the page.

Central Target still exists.  Barely.  But it's not dead yet.  It's just that my lack of home internet availability has scuttled almost any urge to write.  I spend all night writing garbage as my livelihood, and the last thing I want to do there is more writing, for the most part.  So when I get the internet at home, then I'll write for enjoyment.  Until then, no net at home equals almost no musings.  Sorry.  you want it, buy me some connectivity.

But I'm feeling like I felt when I made "instant record".  I need to get some fucking bile out.  Just to fucking rip it from my head.  When I do that, I'll post the record here.

Otherwise, I'll see you intermittently....

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