Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Central Target Research Lab

Well, 2010 is winding down, so it's time to keep running from the Man, as always. We here are proud to announce that we're moving into some new digs... the new Central Target Research Lab. It's essentially a private new hideout/base, replete with an in-house Indian restaurant, a recording studio, media center, library... and it's all "transport adjacent" for a quick underground or airborne getaway. If we can get that team of interns (forced labor) we're hoping for, there might even be a tiki bar.

We'll be keeping you updated with pictures of the installation as it progresses, but please forward your hate mail, marriage proposals, and kinky photographs to the new address:
Central Target Research Lab (CTRL)
Secret Lair, Deep Underground
Boston, MA 0212

(No C.O.D.)


  1. The initial stages of converting the bunker into something more... urbane has been completed. We've got our team of interns currently intstalling the sound and security systems with the (false) promise of bologna sandwiches and grape soda. Poor kids. With the economy the way it is, that's equivalent to them getting benefits. And paid. It's amazing what work they're willing to do for the (again, false) promise of so little.

    Should be up and running in the next few days, with some minor tweaks and adjustments.

    Oh, and don't worry about the interns. We found them a nearby bakery where you get cookies by the pound. We'll get them a pound to split.

  2. Ladies, do you like Indian food? Because our bedroom occassionally smells like grilled chicken tandoori.