Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Spirit Three - "Wartime (Missing Pieces)"

Outtakes & Rarities

"This is a collection of session outtakes and unreleased tracks. Some of them will sound familiar, as some of the tracks were simply more of what was initially released... just a few feet down the tape from where the one you know ended. Or was it before it began? How long did some of these tracks go on? Are all the recordings so far excerpts from much longer pieces of music?

Of note is the live recording from 2007, which was the first public performance of the Spirit Three, although at that time, the project was going by the name 'Midway Strange'. That composition, 'Time Is Violence' was first recorded at this performance, but had been playing in one form or another every hour since approximately 1998. "

- Mikey Shake


1, Drone Musik (Double Pink, Two Blue)
2, Somewhere Last Night, After You Left
3, Interlude, Variation 2
4, Split Decision
5, Melted Zip Decay
6, No Johnny, I Don't (The Well Of The Souls)
7, The Day After Revere (Wonderland, Pt. 1)
8, Closed The Park
9, Coedar
10, First Strike, Second Run
11, Time Is Violence [Live 2007]
12, The Crack In The Wall

Recorded 2007-2010
Front Room Studio, Boston, MA
Uncle Fester's, Bloomington, IN
Mikey Shake - guitar, bass, baritone guitar, piano, programming
Front cover by Upstairs Design
Layout by Mikey Shake
Special Thanks to Shake, Shannon, and ofthemetro

Part Five of the Spirit Three EP Series

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